2024 Ladies’ Night – Vendor Application

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    Business Information:

    Social Media Presence:

    Product/Service Information:

    Please attach 1-3 images of past events (limit 3.5MB per file):

    Please attach 1-3 images of your merchandise (limit 3.5MB per file):

    I have read, and agree to, the event rules and disclaimer below.

    All information will remain confidential and will not be distributed, shared or sold. This information will only be used for consideration as a potential vendor at Bertelsen Winery events.

    The application window is herein open from April 1 to April 30, 2024 for event marked: Ladies Night hosted on July 13th, 2024.

    Upon receiving and reviewing all applications deemed complete and applicable for Ladies Night, Vendor will be notified by email by May 1, 2024 about acceptance.

    Please carefully review the below contract before submitting the above application. If you prefer a printable application, please email: ali.bertelsenwinery@gmail.com

    1. This agreement shall be set and agreed for the event marked July 13, 2024.
    Set up will be from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Vendors must be checked in by 1pm or you will forfeit your booth and all fees paid. Please be sure to give yourself enough time to be fully set up by the time the doors open at 2:00pm.
    Event is open to the public from 2:00 – 8:00PM
    Tear down shall happen immediately upon closure of the event at 8:00PM

    2. Only one booth size is available for this event.
    a. 8’x8′ booth at $50/booth. You may purchase up to two booth lengths.
    b. should you have a trailer, please outline this in the application with appropriate size and pictures.
    3. An invoice will be sent through email and due by July 1, 2023. The cost incurs all marketing, promotion, booth space to include table, chair and linen.

    4. All merchandise in the show must be as described in the application. Bertelsen Winery reserves the right to remove any item deemed objectionable, unacceptable or undesirable for any reason.
    Bertelsen Winery reserves the right to reject crafts that are not at the level of quality that we deem suitable or are not described within the application.
    Bertelsen Winery will not approve businesses that promote indecent/or provocative in nature products or services.
    Bertelsen Winery will not approve businesses that also promote alcohol sales.
    Bertelsen Winery will not accept businesses of MLM, network marketing or pyramid selling.
    Bertelsen Winery strategically chooses vendors based on quality products/service, craftmanship and not having (too many) overlapping like businesses.

    5. Vendors are responsible for accepting their own payment for products sold during event. Payments deemed acceptable: cash, credit card, Paypal or Venmo.

    6. By participating in a Bertelsen Winery event, Vendor will indemnify, save and hold harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability damages, losses, costs, attorney’s fees and expenses which might result or arise from gross negligence or willful misconduct in connection with other parties; Furthermore, Bertelsen Winery reserves the rights of its agents, employees, or other representatives from and against any and all claim or expense including legal fees, demands, actions, and liabilities of any kind or character whatsoever with respect to copyright and trademark rights, the performance, reproduction or use of musical, literary or artistic work or in the name of any performing individual or group.

    7. Vendors are responsible for reporting any income and taxes to the Washington State Dept. of Revenue. Any fines incurred from the Washington Dept. of Revenue by the exhibitor’s failure to register will be levied against the vendor.

    8. Bertelsen Winery reserves the right to assign your booth space. Only the business signing this application will be allowed to exhibit. Sharing of the space or distribution of materials from any other business is strictly prohibited. The business signing this application shall not sublet the booth space. Booth spaces must be during said advertised hours. In the event the vendor can’t occupy their spaces on the days of the event, Bertelsen Winery reserves the right to have those spaces occupied by other vendors, without refund.

    9. Bertelsen Winery reserves the right to remove and/or deny future application to any vendor who exhibits improper behavior toward Bertelsen Winery staff and volunteers, venue staff, patrons, and/or other vendors.

    10. No smoking, open flames are permitted within the venue.

    11. While this is a Winery and alcoholic beverages are being sold, Vendors are encouraged to be professional, indulge respectfully and with putting their customers first. Any vendors found to be intoxicated during the event will be asked to leave without refund and banned from future Bertelsen Winery events.

    12. You must bring your own booth equipment, including Pop-up Tent, displays and marketing displays. No nails, screws, or staples may be put in the walls or floor. No use of paint, glue or any product that will damage the venue floors or walls. All booths must be safely constructed and not constitute a hazard. You may not demonstrate products in any aisle, corridor, or walkway. Bertelsen Winery will supply one 6-ft table, one table linen and one chair.

    13. Tear down begins at 8:00pm on Saturday. Vendors may not move their vehicles into position until after this time or begin packing up your booth before 8pm. Vendors and all their merchandise must be completely out of the venue by 9:30pm. The vendor shall be responsible for removing all merchandise and/or goods, leaving booth space in a clean condition.

    14. Bertelsen Winery has final authority to terminate this contract at any time during move-in or event hours, resulting in a loss of all rentals paid and forfeiture of all rights obtained by the provisions of this agreement, if we deem it necessary for the safety of our staff and/or the overall security of the event.

    15. Bertelsen Winery will assume no responsibility for damaged or lost articles or booth materials. All buildings and main entrance to the facility will be locked at the closing of each day of the sale.

    16. Vendor agrees to hold Bertelsen Winery free and harmless of any liability, injury or damage to persons or property that may arise out of the use of the premises by the renter pursuant to this agreement, which liability, injury or damage does not result solely from the negligence or willful act of the employees or agents of Bertelsen Winery.

    17. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, such as; COVID pandemic restriction, the fear or threat (whether actual or perceived), or occurrence of natural disaster this event will be cancelled and refunds will be given or given the option to roll their fees over to a future 2023 event.

    18. Any and all other regulations which may be necessary for the safety and benefit of exhibitors and the general public not listed in this application, shall be adhered to by all vendors.

    1. If you must cancel from our show, notify us in writing prior to May 30 and we will refund your deposit fees.
    2. No refunds will be made after May 30.
    3. You cannot transfer your space to another vendor without prior approval. Violation will result in the non-approved replacement vendor being dismissed from the event immediately. No refund will be provided.
    4. If in the event of circumstances beyond our control, including local or state government COVID pandemic restrictions, forces us to cancel the event, vendors will receive a booth fee refund minus a $25 administrative fee or will be given the option to roll their booth fees over to a future event being held by Bertelsen Winery.